The data visualisation know-how project

Photo of a hand holding a pen pointing at a bar chart. This is on a printed piece of paper that also has a line chart on it.

In the course of our jobs many of us have to make sense of data visualisation (datavis)*. You don’t have to look far to find examples of datavis being used for reporting, monitoring, competing for funding or campaigning. But we may or may not have the know-how* to make sense of datavis. Or the resources to get that know-how.

This is a research project. It aims to understand what datavis know-how looks like in the workplace. It also aims to make sure that everyone who takes part benefits from their involvement. In this case that will be through acquiring some datavis know-how.

And this matters, for social good*, because our world is increasingly driven by data*. So, it is those who can make sense of datavis who get to shape today’s world.

*See key terms for an explanation of these words.

On this website you can read more about the project, see examples of the kind of datavis we’re talking about in the gallery as well as look at some of the resources we’ve discussed and find out about local, data-related events too. As the project progresses we’ll also be sharing the know-how we gain along the way.